Gupta Dairy, Karnal (Haryana) Blog Latest Products Sat, 25 May 2024 22:51:28 +0530 en-us Ways To Increase Milk Yield And Fat Percentage Of A Buffalo Mon, 17 Aug 2020 11:16:32 +0530 Almost every Buffalo supplier in Haryana is aware of the fact that the milk yield and the fat percentage of a dairy buffalo depend on its genetic potential. No buffalo can increase the milk yield beyond what is their genetic potential.But there are buffalo suppliers who have buffaloes that do not even provide them with the real potential milk yield. The main reason behind this is, malnutrition and along with that, the dairy cattle are made to go through a lot of stress which leads them towards low milk yield.Therefore for increasing the milk yield, the buffalo supplier in Haryana needs to cater to the nutritional necessities of the buffalo and also the stress factors.Nutritional Factors To Take Care Of-These are the areas where you must focus to provide your buffalo with the needed amount of nutrition.Green Fodder-• Being a Buffalo supplier you must know how much green fresh fodder your buffalo might need. Provide your buffalo with 20-25 kilograms of fresh green fodder. Along with the green fodder try and mix some legumes too, like cowpea, hedge lucerne, like Co4, Sorghum, etc.• Try to chaff the fresh green fodder. This will help in increasing the nutritional value and also reduce the amount of wastage.Give Dry Fodder-• Every buffalo supplier in Haryana knows, that not just green fodder but dry fodder is also required. You must provide at least 10 kilograms of dry fodder to your buffalo.• It is also advised that you provide your buffalo with the dry fodder after the evening milking.Provide A Mineral Mixture-• If you are a buffalo supplier in Haryana you will know how important providing the mineral mixture is. You should give them around 50 grams of the mineral mixture. • Without having the mineral mixture the buffaloes will result in having micronutrient deficiency and that will decrease the amount of milk yield and it will also cause problems in reproduction.Provide Concentrate Feed-• You almost have to provide your Buffalo with at least 4 kilograms of the concentrate feed. For the high milkers, you might need to even increase the quantity. • Also don’t just go for one type of crop, try and mix at least one oil cake such as groundnut cake or cottonseed cake or anything which will be locally available. • Try to use a grain type like maize powder, and one husk, like black gram husk or paddy husk. Soak it all overnight and that will ferment it nicely. After that, the need will have increased nutritional value.Provide Clean Water-• Water is something which both animals and humans need for survival, therefore being a Buffalo supplier in Haryana you must know that your buffalo also needs an adequate amount of water for healthy survival.• You being a Buffalo supplier you need to take good care of your buffaloes so always provide them with at least 30 litres of clean and hygienic water.Stress Factors Which You Should Take Care Of-• Make sure each day you follow the same routine for milking your buffaloes. And also make the same man do the work every day.• Clean the dung thrice every day. Wash the animals every day twice.• Make sure the animals are not threatened or beaten up. Keep their shed free of mosquitoes.• Also keep in mind that you need to deworm the buffaloes regularly. As warms in the stomach will result in reduced milk yield.Being a Buffalo supplier in Haryana, you need to take proper care of your animals. Let them be happy and free so that they produce more amount of milk. Dairy Guide for The Sahiwal Breed of Cows Mon, 12 Oct 2020 09:48:53 +0530 The Sahiwal emerged on the Indian-Pakistani border from the Punjab district. Professional herdsmen once held them in large groups, known as "jungles." Following the implementation of irrigation schemes in the region, farmers began retaining them in smaller numbers as waste and dairy cattle.These days, Sahiwal is one of the outstanding dairy breeds in India and Pakistan. In Haryana, India, there are multiple vendors of Sahiwal and the mentionable among them would be Sahiwal Supplier In Haryana. Their high-temperature tolerance and increased milk production are traded internationally in Asia and also in Africa and the Caribbean.The Sahiwal was transported via New Guinea to Australia in the 1950s. First, in Australia, the Sahiwal was selected as a double race. A significant part in the establishment of the Australian dairy species was the Australian Milking Zebu and Australian Friesian Sahiwal.Physical Characteristics:The colour of the Sahiwal stretches from the Brownish Red to Greyish Round, and the underline is different quantities of white on the collar. In males, the colour of the head, body, legs, and tail becomes black. The queue ends with a black switch. The breed is known for dropping ears as well. The hump is big, but nominal in the woman. Sahiwal cows 'average weight of the Sahiwal is 425 kg, while Bulls' weight is 500 kg.The Sahiwal is a very good milk producer compared with other local breeds. You can produce 8-10 kilogrammes of milk per day on average, with a fat content of approximately 4.5%, within 10 months. The Sahiwal cattle have bigger teat than other Zebu races too, which facilitates milking.Distribution:The Sahiwal exports in many other countries, owing to its special characteristics. At the beginning of the 1950s, they arrived in Australia via New Guinea. Originally selected in Australia as a dual-use breed, however, they are now mainly used in beef production as a carcass with lean quality, attractive fat cover, has been made for the crossing of high-quality Sahiwal sire with European breeds.In countries like Kenya, Jamaica, Nigeria, and many ecological zones of Africa where Sahiwal was crossed with exotic Bos taurus races, which have high responsiveness to the development of milk and beef without adaptability to local conditions, Sahiwal has played an important role in adaptability. Today in Kenya there are about 60 bulls and twelve cows importing Sahiwal cattle between 1939 and 1963. The Sahiwal race is also remarkable in the field of transmission of milk for Bos indicus races.Health Management:In grazing areas, ticks pose a major threat to the Sahiwals. It is advised to dip or spray the cows once a week with acaricide to avoid tick-borne infections. In the case of internal parasites, deworms usually occur around once every 3 months or when appropriate depending on the fecal helminth of the egg count.Final Words:Sahiwal is considered to be one of the most common dairy livestock in India. In Haryana, there is a large number of Sahiwal cows in the Karnal national dairy research institute. Several gaushalas help Sahiwal cows in Punjab and Rajasthan. Sahiwal Cow – The Best Breed of Cow In Haryana and Punjab Mon, 14 Dec 2020 10:17:47 +0530 For people who are planning to buy a cow of a good breed then choosing the Sahiwal cow is the right option. This breed belongs to Punjab and assures for yielding a good amount of milk.   If you are planning to buy the cows for profit, you need great commitment to have an amazing yield. It is not just complicated but it needs a good amount of resources. Apart from earning, having a cattle farm can be a rewarding and valuable endeavor. Several advantages can be had in having cows. The owner can enjoy milk, cheese, butter, and meat. Therefore, the cow will give you a good source of food. Many of the cow raisers keep cows for milk or dairy manufacture which assures a great income source.   Different Species Available   Sahiwal is one of the best species that originated in the area of Punjab. After the development of the irrigation systems, the breed starts to be kept in smaller numbers by the local farmers. At present, you can easily find Sahiwal Cow Supplier In India, due to the assured dealing of business and best cost for the cattle.   How to Keep the Cows Perfectly? For people who are interested in keeping the cows, there is a need to consider the area for land that you have. The good land availability allows them independent and they can easily walk and exercise freely. In the process, they can even find trace minerals and natural vitamins from the grass in the way of grazing.   No doubt, cows need a lot of water every day. There must be no food shortage. Meanwhile, you can forever supplement and buy food if your land has not yet made an adequate supply of food.   Selecting the right breed for the cow farm is important. You can look for healthy breeds and those which have a better rate of fertility. If you are going to buy the cows, you should make sure that they have been properly tested that they are free from any sort of diseases. As an answerable cattle farm manager or owner, you must understand your responsibilities to keep the cows. It comprises the milking of the cows. However, keeping cows involves a good amount of starting costs, it makes sure for a good profit and a good source of income in a long way.   Sahiwal Cows with Better Production Capabilities The bread of the Sahiwal cows is best known for heat tolerant and yielding a good amount of milk on daily basis. As the best cow supplier in Haryana, several farmers make use of the cows for their protein-rich milk for being the just cow with proline elements in milk instead of histidine. The color of our Sahiwal cows can differ from being mainly red to reddish-brown, with numerous amounts of white markings on the neck area. The presented Sahiwal cows are challenging to parasites and tick and are free from any disease.